Visions and Mission                   
ßKku] foKku vkf.k lqlaLdkj ;kalkBh f’k{k.kizlkjÞ” is the motto of the Management and College. It can roughly be translated into English as “Dissemination of Education for Knowledge, Science and Culture.”

  • To spread higher education in the hilly, rural and neglected area of the Wang Valley.


To inculcate among the students social values like honesty, truth, service and sacrifice and to stop social exploitation.

To development all round personality of the students

To bring about a progressive change in the society by means of education.

To create the sense of equality among the students.

To mould selfless social workers who will strive ceaselessly for  the cause of social reform.

Transformations of vision statements into activity:

            Transformations of vision statements are executed through the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Outreach programmes are also organized to maintain public relations with the stakeholders.