Founder of the Sanstha : Dr. Bapuji Salunkhe
Dr. Bapuji alias Govindrao Dnyanojirao Salunkhe was born on 9th June 1919 at Ramapur, Taluka- Patan in Satara District. His father Dnyanojirao was a Subhedar. After his father’s death, his mother Tanubai brought him up. Bapuji’s childhood was very hard as he had to struggle against poverty. He passed S.S.C in 1932, B.A. in 1945 from Rajaram College, Kolhapur and B.T in 1949 from B.T.College, Kolhapur. He married Sushiladevi on 15th December 1940.
He was appointed as Rajguru (the teacher of Royal family) of Sondur on Dr. Appasaheb Pawar’s recommendation. When Mahatma Gandhi gave the call of “Quit India”, he joined the movement and was elected as the President of Satara District Students’ Congress. Being a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, his friends used to call him ‘Bapuji’. Since then he has been named as ‘Bapuji’ with honour. For his patriotic work, he was offered the title, “Freedom Fighter” by the Central Government.
Bapuji worked in Rayat Shikshan Sanstha for nine years from 1945 to 1954. He founded Shri Swami Vivekanand Shikshan Sanstha in June 1954 with the support of his colleagues.
For his great service to the downtrodden people, Government of Maharashtra honoured him with ‘Dalit Mitra’Award. In 1986, Shivaji University conferred upon him the honorary D.Litt. People awarded him the title “Shikshanmaharshi” for his seminal pioneering educational work and philosophy.
Shikshanmaharshi Dr. Bapuji Salunkhe founded Shri Swami Vivekanand Shikshan Sanstha with a motto ßKku] foKku vkf.k lqlaLdkj ;kalkBh f’k{k.kizlkjÞ which can roughly be translated as “Dissemination of Education for Knowledge, Science and Culture.”  It stresses the seeking of knowledge and its proper application so that man can become cultured and morally sound. The prayer of the Sanstha states that all great saints in the world are the incarnation of the good and God. They enlighten mankind. The five principles by which a cultured man must live are Truth, Moral Character, Honesty, Sacrifice and to prohibit exploitation. When man practises these principles in his life, he gets real knowledge and intellectual pleasure.